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Recommended Reading
Lost Book of Enki: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial God
The Gods Were Astronauts: Evidence of the True Identities of the Old 'Gods'
Lost Lands, Forgotten Realms: Sunken Continents, Vanished Cities, and the Kingdoms That History Misp
A tribute to Hinduism
In the Vedic literature of India, there are many descriptions of flying machines that are generally called Vimanas. India's national epic, The Mahabharata, is a poem of vast length and complexity. There are no physical remains of ancient Indian aircraft technology but references to ancient flying machines are commonplace in the ancient Indian texts. Several popular ancient epics describe their use in warfare. Depending on one's point of view, either it contains some of the earliest known science fiction, or it records conflict between beings with weapons as powerful and advanced as anything used today.
Atlantis - Fact, Fiction or Exaggeration?
The story of Atlantis begins quite literally with two of Plato's dialogues, Timaeus and Critias. These accounts are the only known written records which refer specifcally to a lost civilization called Atlantis. Many people believe the tale to be complete fiction, the creation of a philosopher's imagination used to illustrate an argument. Others believe that the story was inspired by catastrophic events which may have destroyed the Minoan civilization on Crete and Thera. Still others maintain that the story is an accurate representation of a long lost and almost completely forgotten land.
The Dropa Stones
High in the mountains of BayanKara-Ula, on the boarders of China and Tibet - a team of archeologists were conducting a very detailed routine survey of a series of interlinked caves. Their interests had been excited by the discovery of lines of neatly arranged graves which contained the skeletons of what must have been a strange race of human beings; strange because they had unnaturally spindly bodies and large, overdeveloped heads.
The Abydos Heiroglyphics
In the temple at Abydios, a wall panel in a section where an overlaying panel with Egyptian heiroglyphics crumbled and fell, revealing an older panel beneath it. They are shots of an ancient wall carving inside an Abydos temple
The Story of Vimanas
It could not be conquered by gods or demons, and it radiated light and reverberated with a deep rumbling sound. It's beauty captivated the minds of all who beheld it. Visvakarma, the lord of design and construction, had created it by the power of his austerities, and it's form
The Latte Stones of Guam
The Latte Stone are stone pillars of ancient houses notable for their two-piece construction; the supporting column (halagi) topped with a capstone (tasa).
Ancient Electricity
In 1957 a battery was discovered in Bagdad. It was made by the Parthians, who ruled Bagdad from 250 B.C.E. to 224 C.E., and was used to electroplate silver.
Underwater Megalitic Structures Near Western Cuba
The story about a possible megalithic site half a mile down off the western tip of Cuba first broke this past May when a Reuters News Service reporter interviewed the deep ocean engineer who first reported unusual sidescan sonar of the discovery.
The lost continent of Atlantis
The lost Continent of 'Atlantis has mystieifed millions and eluded the grasp Scholars of every generation! Yet here is real evidence solving The Mystery of Atlantis -- once and for all!
Giant Stone Spheres
In southern Costa Rica there exists a vast number of unusual artifacts! These Giant Stone Spheres ranging in size from mere inches to yards (or meters) in diameter. Hundreds of these have been found, and many more likely are buried beneath the jungle to this day!
Phoenicians in Brazil
About 11,000 years ago (9500 B. C.) our planet was hit by a huge cataclysm when a good part of the Andes Cordillera was raised. The big lake where today the Sahara desert is dried out, the limits of the Mediterranean sea were altered, and the very large continent- island that existed in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, known as Atlantis, sank.
OOPARTS - out-of-place artifacts
Nikos must have now turned to his shoeboxes filled with palaeontological Forteana to describe some of the strange discoveries that have allegedly been made in very old strata. He was at his favourite interface—between the unnatural and the natural; between fantasy and science; between nightmare and reality.
Coral Castle Florida
"I have discovered the secrets of the pyramids, and have found out how the Egyptians and the ancient builders in Peru, Yucatan, and Asia, with only primitive tools, raised and set in place blocks of stone weighing many tons!" - Edward Leedskalnin
Ancient Astronauts
Ancient astronaut writers believe that a race of intelligent extraterrestrial beings visited and/or colonised Earth in the remote past, whereupon they upgraded the primitive hominid Homo erectus by means of genetic engineering to create the human race as we know it: Homo sapiens.
The Piri Re'is Map of 1513
An ancient map was found in renovations of a palace in Turkey. The copy of the map gathered dust for years until a professor with an interest in maps took a closer look. His findings shocked the scientific world with a challenge to our history and culture.
Forbidden Archaeology
Lecture by Andrew Collins for the 15th Questing Conference at Conway Hall, red Lion Square, London WC1, on Saturday, 3 November 2001.
NASA Images Discover Ancient Bridge between India and Sri Lanka
The bridge's unique curvature and composition by age reveals that it is man made. The legends as well as Archeological studies reveal that the first signs of human inhabitants in Sri Lanka date back to the a primitive age, about 1,750,000 years ago and the bridge4s age is also almost equivalent.
The Mystery of the Great Cataclysm
Then the Cataclysm rocked the world. Atlantis and Lemuria sank, and the Pictish Islands were heaved up to form the mountain peaks of a new continent. Sections of the Thurian Continent vanished under the waves, or sinking, formed great inland lakes and seas. Volcanoes broke forth and terrific earthquakes shook down the shining cities of the empires. Whole nations were blotted out."
The Strange Hieroglyphs on the Mysterious 'Whatsit'
In their remarkable book, The Rainbow Conspiracy, Brad Steiger and Sherry Hansen Steiger present an amazing photograph given to them by an anonymous UFO researcher. According to their informant, a massive piece of unidentified machinery was one of six excavated circa 1990 from a great depth on secret government property in the United States and promptly reburied in the same area.
Catastrophism And Ancient History
Just 12 miles southward of the southernmost tip of Lake Titicaca lie the remains of Tiahuanaco, the site of a technologically advanced culture considered by many archaeologists (romantic not orthodox) to be the oldest ruins in the world. Although some misguided scholars have attributed the buildings of Tiahuanaco to the Incas, it has now been established that the city was already in ruins when the first Incas came upon the scene.
Underwater Pyramids
These enigmatic, sunken stone structures off Okinawa, Japan, located 60 to 100 feet beneath the ocean surface, have the Japanese wondering if their homeland was once part of the lost continent of Lemuria. Stone terraces, right angled block and walls, and stone circles encompassing hexagonal columns look intriguingly, if not conclusively, man made.
Ancient Atomic Warfare
When the first atomic bomb exploded in New Mexico, the desert sand turned to fused green glass. This fact, according to the magazine Free World, has given certain archaeologists a turn. They have been digging in the ancient Euphrates Valley and have uncovered a layer of agrarian culture 8,000 years old, and a layer of herdsman culture much older, and a still older caveman culture. Recently, they reached another layer.of fused green glass.
Megalithic New Zealand
It is becoming increasingly evident that about 5,000 years ago, people in many climes and at many latitudes of the globe seemed preoccupied with the measurement of time and that standing stone circles somehow catered to this need.